image/svg+xmlAP Top NewsSportsEntertainment A P N E W S Log in | Sign upExplore Deep Web "Mega Corporation"acquires Japanese Chipmaker tobecome Third Largest Embedded Device Manufacturer Deep Pockets on the Deep Web? How willanonymous investing change the world? Korean tech companies join Hosaka mergerCybersecurity experts warn of new threats; "Economic Stuxnets"NYSE investigates high-frequency trading AIsin high-tech "Flash Bubble"Data outages in the American Midwest maybe connected to NYSE Flash Bubble Google acquires Colorado technology ventureSparkX in new AI bidFrom: Billie Security experts warn emailusers to screen their inboxes AP TOP STORIES YOKOHAMA (AP) An anonymous holding companyhas acquired Japan's little-known Hosaka Linear Devicesto become the third larget embedded device manufacturerin the world. Japanese economists are cautiously optimistic, heralding the move as an early indicator of what's already being called the "Millennial Economic Miracle". These commentsare in stark contrast to warnings from politicians that the anonymous acquisition likely represents the efforts of state actors to directly manipulate the Japanese economy.Speculation continues as to whether Hosaka's acquisition is connected to unusual high-frequency trading activityreported by NYSE earlier in the year. AP NEWS About Terms and Conditions Privacy THE ASSOCIATED PRESS About Us Products and Services Media Center MORE FROM AP AP Images AP Archives AP Video Hub FOLLOW AP Deep Web Deep Pockets